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View Dkan Open Data Images. There are 3 content types for organizing data in dkan Dkan is an open source open data platform with a full suite of cataloging, publishing, and visualization features that allows organizations to easily share data with the public.

DKAN: The Drupal Open Data Distribution (presented at … from

Open data is about availability and accessibility. I would like to use dkan to consume a dcat file containing a data catalog and display it on the ui but am not sure how to do this or where instructions to do this are documented. Dkan is one of the most popular open source, open data platform.

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Here's a blog post from the team with more details, and we look forward to seeing you there There are 3 content types for organizing data in dkan, to perform queries and download data programattically. According to the project announcement it contains metadata of more than 31000 datasets from 8 national catalogs.

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