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Get Open Data Directive Ontario PNG. Instructs ministries and provincial agencies to release government data that they create, collect, and/or manage as open data, unless the data is exempt from release as open data, pursuant to this directive. See full list on

Access to Information & Privacy Protection
Access to Information & Privacy Protection from

About the open data directive. For the purpose of this directive, “data” is defined as facts, figures and statistics objectively measured according to a standard or scale, such as frequency, volumes or occurrences, but does not include information (as defined by this directive). It is a binding document that sets out key principles and mandatory requirements for publishing open data, and applies to data created, collected.

Use of any information indicates your acceptance of the terms below.

The open data initiative supports government efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. This directive promotes data management practices which enable the proactive and ongoing release of government data and is to be implemented in a manner that is consistent with existing legal obligations, restrictions and requirements, including the simpler, faster, better services act, 2019, the archives and recordkeeping act, 2006, the freedom of information and protection of privacy act, 1990, the personal health information protection act, 2004, the french language services act, 1990, and the accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act, 2005or other applicable legislation. Data that is subject to statutory confidentiality requirements, (i.e. It explains the requirements of ontario’s open data directive and provides guidance to ensure consistent approaches to open data practices across government.

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