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Download Open Data Communities Pictures. There are very few sectors where open data might not have a role. Join the open data community.

Facebook and the Open Source Big Data Community - DZone ...
Facebook and the Open Source Big Data Community – DZone … from

The original working title for this section of the book was “open data communities” rather than “open data sectors and communities”. Theapplication developers regularly provide training and engage in mediaoutreach. online, the jsc implementing unit publicizes through socialmedia channels using articles, photos, infographics, audio and video.offline, the team raises awareness through public figures andparticipatio. Join the open data community.

Jakarta smart city, started in 2015, provides new space for thecommunity to participate in the jakarta’s development throughapplications and websites accessible via mobile phones. through the qlueapplication, people can report problems for response by relevantgovernment agencies. communities can also monitor the performance ofgovernment officials through the website orreport directly to the government via short message service (sms). inaddition to applications that provide reporting services to thepublic, jsc also provides a platform for government officials to manageall forms of community participation called citizen relationshipmanagement (crm).

We have sought to select sectors at varying stages of progress, ranging from government finances (chapter 10) where budget and subsidy datasets have had a pivotal role in shaping early work on open data through to telecommunications (chapter 14), a sector largely overlooked to date as an area of focus for open data initiatives. See full list on See full list on See full list on

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