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Download Data Analytics Minor Uark Images. The data analytics minor gives students data analytics skills in understanding patterns in data, analytical frameworks, predictive modeling, and discovering hidden relationships in data. This minor is offered by the department of information technology and operations management.

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Applied data analytics, minor details page, includes requirements, graduation plan, and career information. >data scientists make an impact. As part of the data analytics minor, this course is intended to strengthen students understanding of programming and problem solving with computers in general and data.

The minor in data analytics is aimed at students majoring in engineering, mathematics, physical and social sciences, business, and other disciplines, and will enhance their preparation to enter the workforce and analyze large data sets in their chosen fields.

A minor with flexibility to complement your major. The center for data analytics serves as a hub for all data analytic work at the college. To obtain a minor in data analytics, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits, distributed as follows Students learn to acquire and collect raw data in various formats, convert raw data to usable formats and then understand how to appropriately analyze the data to draw accurate and useful conclusions.

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