40+ Dimension In Data Analytics Pics

40+ Dimension In Data Analytics Pics. The tables in most analytics reports organize dimension values into rows, and metrics into columns. The dimension pageindicates the url of a page that is viewed.

How to Use Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics … from online-metrics.com

When creating custom reports, it is important to remember that not every metric can be combined with every dimension. For example, adding browser as a secondary dimension to the above table would result in the following: What is secondary dimension in google analytics?

If a user lands on a page or triggers an event, it is recorded in analytics tool.

Learn more about custom dimensions and metrics in this google post. However, if you have a blog, the expectation is that visitors would read a post and leave. In most cases, it only makes sense to combine dimensions and metrics that share the same scope. See full list on support.google.com

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