35+ Instagram Open Data Background

35+ Instagram Open Data Background. You can access the account data tool from the privacy and security section of instagram settings. See full list on 8bitmen.com

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With so many instancespowering the service, monitoring plays a key role in ensuring the health & availability of the service. The role of the nodes is to consume a stream of event logs and produce the ranked list of trending content i.e. Counters at instagram are used to track events like user signups, number of likes etc. timers are used to time the generation of feeds & other events that are performed by users on the app.

See full list on 8bitmen.com

So, the main database cluster of instagram contains 12 replicas in different zones& involves 12 quadruple extra large memory instances. Pingdom is used for website’s external monitoring, ensuring expected performance & availability. pagerdutyis used for notifications &. How can i access my data on instagram? Tap on the account tab in the bottom right corner;

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