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34+ What Are The Three Types Of Data Analytics Images. Doing so allows companies to uncover not only what happened, but also what factor(s) may have influenced it to happen, and how it may then impact another metric down the road. They take control of past trends and data distributions and use them to foresee upcoming results so in turn they can manage expectations, restructure strategies, and set new goals.

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It takes the forecasts and likelihoods from predictive analytics one step further by creating advised solutions that will also align with the goals of the company’s key metrics. Using the insights provided by descriptive analytics can guide businesses toward efficient predictive analytics to make more sense of the future. Jan 02, 2014 · jeff bertolucci of information week has written a new article about what distinguishes the three types of big data analytics:

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Companies can evaluate and decide upon a number of options depending on the outcomes that result from simulating various potential scenarios. The most commonly used measures to characterize historical data distribution quantitatively includes. Of course, by applying the right set of tools, we can pull powerful insights from this stockpile of bits. At this stage, historical data can be measured against other data to answer the question of why.

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