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26+ Open Data Privacy Images. Government’s open data policy,1 all federal data should now be released as open data unless specific concerns, such as privacy or national security, prevent its open release. Why is it important to balance privacy with open data?

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open data | Centre for BOLD Cities from www.centre-for-bold-cities.nl

As daniel solove notes this has many dimensions, from concerns about intrusive information collection, through to risks of exposure, increased insecurity or interference in their decisions that individuals or communities are subjected to when their ‘private’ information is widely known. Privacy, by contrast, is concerned with control over information, who can access it, and how it is used. Yet, transparency and open data advocates are often concerned that ‘data protection’, or ‘protecting privacy’ might be used as excuses not to release data, or to only release data in aggregated forms that don’t permit detailed analysis of what government is doing.

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Prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, or collection of your data. See full list on opendataresearch.org If they are pushing for a balance between the two, how is such a balance to be struck. A data privacy playbook by ben green, gabe cunningham, ariel ekblaw, paul kominers, andrew linzer, and susan crawford.

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