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19+ Data Analytics For Law Firms Gif. For law firms, investing in legal analytics can make a big difference in their success rates. They'll not only be able to save the hours they would normally spend researching, but.

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There are several steps that any. In fact, a recent survey conducted by alm intelligence and lexis nexis found that 93% of respondents feel data analytics would add value to their practice. It is widely accepted that data analytics can help law firms become more profitable and efficient.

Industry data analytics help law firms spot trends and analyze markets.

Make sure that law firms are in compliance. Carl sussman, commercial director at bloomberg law, moderated a panel to discuss the use of data in driving. Data plays a central role in law firms today, although you must do more than scratch the surface to see this. Check out this post from law technology today for even more ideas and see how you can put big data to work for your firm!

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