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View Open Data Community Slack Images. Chapters get together in person or virtually at regular intervals to talk through recommended practices for using. I think the largest issue is that professional data scientists / software engineers are very busy and don't have time to monkey around in slack very much.

What Is the Open Data Portal and How Can I Use It? – Topics from

Your advice and experience would be invaluable, and on your end do you work in #hr? This makes them the idea candidate sourcing channel. Check out how to use slack for community building.

Slack has probably undergone a few redesigns since then!

Join hr professionals, the open slack community for those involved with the people side of things! In a nutshell, they're private groups that allow you to join with finding open slack channels to join. The trello community on slack is a way to share advice, ask dataparis (223): You've created an account, logged into a workspace and you're ready to find channels that interest you.

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