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View Are Machine Learning Models Deterministic Gif. Finance advisors, tax advisory, ey advisory Probabilistic identity methodologies create device relationships by using a knowledge base of linkage data and predictive algorithms as the foundation for an identity graph.

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Devices are only linked when they are directly observed using the pii tied to a consumer, prioritizing accuracy and limiting false positives. Because probabilistic matching may introduce more false positives, marketers should reserve it for specific use cases, such as when they need extra reach and are comfortable with sacrificing a small amount of deterministic accuracy. Deterministic linkages can sometimes be misleading if misinterpreted.

But relying exclusively on deterministic methodologies limits the use cases available to marketers.

For example, assume a phone and desktop linked to a household are observed logging ont. Are there any physical limitations to machine learning? Choosing the right methodology depends entirely on your marketing objectives: See full list on

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